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Here you can find player submited player contraptions and tutorials.
If you are looking at making your own please follow the Contraption guidelines & Contraption tips.

48px Vehicles
Instructions on building vehicles in GMod10
48px Contraption Tips
Some hints and tips on how to build like the pros
48px Experimental Contraptions
Creations that test the versatility of Garry's Mod, or create an interesting effect
48px Factory Items
Contraptions that do industrial work
48px Minigames
Simple games to be played in Sandbox without using Lua
Rubedomino Rube Goldberg
Some examples of Rube Goldberg devices
48px Structures
Buildings, large external tools, fortresses, and other structures
48px Traps
How to build traps for players and NPCs
48px War Devices
Instructions on building contraptions that destroy things
Wire Icon Wire Addon
All about the Wire Addon and how to build contraptions with it